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The PrinterOn Public printers are not found in the mobile application via GPS/Location search - c06242715

When searching for a printer that you know exists and is available in the PrinterOn Public directory, you may not be able to locate it using the app's Location tab, but can be found using a Keyword search.

This will occur when GPS co-ordinates have been set incorrectly, or not present at all (usually occurs when printsite is cloned, when cloning, the GPS details are not copied over, and therefore the Latitude and Longitude is saved as "0").

Steps to resolution,

  1. log into and visit the affected PrintSpot .
  2. Go to the Printers tab.
  3. Next to each listing, select the “ Set Address ” link.
  4. Click on the “ Get Geo Coordinates ” link (this opens the map of the address which is defined on the page).
  5. Click ' Save ' to apply the new co-ordinates to the address.
  6. ' Save ' again to apply the changes to the printer.
  7. Attempt to locate the printer again using the PrinterOn mobile application.


Applies to PrinterOn Public.