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Troubleshooting Error PWC4510 when submitting a print request through the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06230605

Steps to Troubleshoot:

  1. Confirm the address defined for the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station/Print Delivery Hub is correct including the port
    1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager
    2. Select the Printers Menu
    3. Select the '+' of the printer generating the error, and select Configure
    4. Select the Output destination
    5. Confirm the server address defined for the Print Delivery Station or the Print Delivery Hub
    6. Confirm that the port is also defined, the PDS by default listens on port 8080 and 631
    7. Confirm the address is working by entering the value in web browser on the machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution
  2. Validate if Proxy settings are required for the PrinterOn Enterprise solution components to communicate
    1. If proxy settings are required, enter those settings on the PrinterOn Enterprise solution configuration manager
    2. Select the General settings tab ( if the proxy settings are not displaying, select the gear in the top right corner, then select Show Advanced Settings )
    3. Confirm that the proxy settings are also appearing on the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server
    4. Select Advanced, then Components, then select Configure on the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server
    5. Select the networking tab, and confirm the proxy details are entered, if they are not there please re-enter the details
  3. Validate the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station
    1. Open the web browser and confirm access to the XML output produced by the PDS by going to the IP address or DNS name of the machine hosting the Print Delivery Station
      1. Test the default port 631
      2. Test the other default port 8080
    2. Confirm that the Print Delivery Station is listening on the port defined on the PrinterOn printer
    3. Try restarting the Print Delivery Station and confirm again that it is accessible from the machine where the PrinterOn Enterprise components are isntalled


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.