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Troubleshooting PAS00076 error when submitting print request through email - c06231875

This error typically occurs when the PrinterOn Enterprise solution is unable to validate the user's email address or locate the user with the authentication server.

Steps to resolution:

  1. Validate that the user exists in the Authentication server (Within the LDAP/AD server).
  2. Validate that the ' User Lookup ' option is enabled:
    • Log into the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.
    • Navigate to Advanced, Components.
    • Select Configure on the Print Anywhere Server.
    • Select the Integration Tab, check the 'Enable User Lookup' option.
  3. Verify User Identifier is enabled (Optional or Required) for the printer you're sending to.
    • This is set on the printer's Optional Settings tab within the cloud configuration at in hybrid mode.
    • In On-Premise mode:
      • Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.
      • Select the Printers tab.
      • Select the '+' sign on the printer to configure, then select Configure.
      • Select 'Job and User Information.
      • Verify the setting is Optional or Required (configured for Optional by default).
  4. Validate that the URL to connect to the Central Print Service is correct and accessible from the machine where the PrintAnywhere service is installed.
    • When doing user lookup, the API Lookup URL needs to be valid. Try putting it into a browser, if they have changed their default port or are using SSL and you get a certificate error, modify the field to the address on the cert. This should be the same domain as the Service URL, see examples below.


Using http://localhost/cps/cpsapi failed.

Entering this into a browser results in "page cannot be displayed".

Using https://localhost/cps/cpsapi failed.

Entering this into a browser results in a certificate mismatch notification.

Using succeeds with expected result " returnCode =1&errText="


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.