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Troubleshooting when PrinterOn Print Delivery Gateway shows rejected print jobs - c06594837

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can identify and resolve issues related to print jobs within the PrinterOn Print Delivery Gateway (PDG) showing the status of rejected.

  1. Confirm the server address within the Print Delivery Gateway.
    1. Navigate to Advanced, Components.
    2. Select Configure on the Print Delivery Gateway
    3. Select the Networking tab
    4. Confirm that the server address is in this format: https://ip address or DNS of CPS/cps
    5. If the address has a /rest at the end, remove the /rest
    6. Select 'Test' to confirm the access from the PDG exists to the Central Print Services (CPS) machine
    7. Submit another print request and confirm the print request is successful
  2. Review the LDAP/AD authentication profile
    1. Disable Follow LDAP Referrals
    2. In version 4.2.2 there is a known issue with wildcard searches for unused user attributes. To resolve this behaviour, rename the displayName and telephoneNumber user attributes to something which is invalid. For example, isplayName and elephoneNumber
  3. Review the logs from the PrinterOn Central Print Services (CPS)
  4. Review the logs from the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Services (PAS)


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.