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Unable to load the PrinterOn Remote Queue Monitor using the Public Web Browser (PWB) - c06234518

In some public locations it is possible to install and utilize the Public Web Browser (PWB) to ensure the environment is secure and not vulnerable. The PWB will not load the PrinteOn Remote Queue Monitor, using the steps below the administrator can allow the PWB to load the Remote Queue Monitor. The Public Web Browser (PWB) is very similar to Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, as it is a full web browser. But unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, which are infinitely customizable (bookmarks, buttons, toolbars, home pages, etc.) by the patron, PWB is only customizable by the administrator. This makes PWB invaluable where a consistent web browser experience for patrons is needed. Click here for more information about the PWB.

The PWB by default is not able to load the web page since the PrinterOn Print Delivery station by default does not utilize a valid CA signed SSL certificate, and the PWB will restrict this page. A couple options exist to resolve the issue which are as per below:

  1. Install a valid CA SSL certificate. Purchase a SSL certificate from a valid CA authority and configure the SSL certificate in a keystore type format then configure the certificate on the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station.
  2. Disable the Remote Queue Monitor's SSL configuration, by default the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station utilizes a self signed SSL certificate, utilize the steps below to disable the requirement for SSL in the event a valid CA SSL certificate cannot be purchased as per step 1 above.
    1. Login to the PrinterOn Configuration Manager for the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station
    2. Select the Networking tab.
    3. Uncheck the SSL option for the Remote Queue Monitor.
    4. Select Apply Settings to commit the changes.
    5. Restart the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station service.
    6. Test loading the page again in the PWB.


Applies to PrinterOn Public and PrinterOn Print Delivery Station 4.x and later.