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Understanding PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server logging - c06230006

The PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server logging is managed by the PrinterOn Configuration Manager. PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server (PAS) logs are useful when:

Logging is enabled by default, but can be adjusted using these steps:

The default location for the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server log files are - C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PrintAnywhere\Logs

By default, the log level is set to 5 with a maximum value of 10. When enabled, the PrinterOn PrintAnywhere Server will create log files in the directory configured. PrintAnywhere will create three separate log files, one for each of the main components

The following guidelines are recommended for selecting a log level:


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later. Keep note that changing the logging level from the PrinterOn Configuration Manager and General Settings tab will have the same effect on the PrintAnywhere Server.