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Understanding the PrinterOn Print Delivery Hub (PDH) logging - c06230009

The PrinterOn Print Delivery Hub logging is managed using the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.

PDH Logs are useful when:

The Logging Tab within the Print Delivery Hub configuration utility contains the settings pertaining to application and debug logging. Log files are created as required and are automatically deleted. The PDH server will automatically delete older log files to ensure the total size of all log files stays within the Total Size Limit setting. When a new log file is created, the log file name is created using the time the file was created as a unique filename.

Log file names take the form: ListeneryyyyMMddhhmmss.sss.log where:

Listener - base name for all PDH log files

You can chose from 7 log writing levels depending on your monitoring requirements.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.