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Understanding the PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) logging - c06230007

The PrinterOn Print Delivery Station (PDS) logging is managed and enabled using the PrinterOn Configuration Manager.

PDS Logs are useful when:

You can choose from 7 log writing levels depending the organization requirements.

  1. OFF: no logs maintained
  2. Fatal: only critical system messages (e.g. License expired)
  3. Error: Only logs errors within the Print Delivery Station
  4. WARNING: serious issues that will interfere with normal operations. (e.g. Directory/drive missing)
  5. INFO: detailed information that includes normal operations (e.g. Print job received)
  6. Debug: Some extra logging more than INFO, log files include user and administrator actions (e.g. A print job was released)
  7. Trace: FINE: extra detailed information regarding normal operations and actions that are automatically retried (e.g. Timeout) Log file names take the form: DirectoryyyyyMMddhhmmss.sss.log where: Directory - base name for all PDS log files yyyy - year MM - month (January = 01) dd - day (first of the month = 01) hh - hour (24-hour clock) mm - minute ss.sss - second (including milliseconds)


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later. Keep in mind the logging level for the PDS can be configured from the General Settings menu within the Primary PrinterOn Configuration Manager.