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Understanding user device security and the PrinterOn Enterprise solution - c06234246

Significant efforts have been made to ensure a high degree of security while using the PrinterOn mobile applications for iOS and Android. This includes both on-device storage and network security.

The PrinterOn mobile application stores all user and account information used within the application in the most secure and safest manner possible. This includes a combination of both operating system-specific security capabilities as well as PrinterOn specific enhancements.

On both iOS and Android devices, PrinterOn specific device information is first encoded using a complex algorithm to obfuscate the information before saving it to OS-specific storage. On iOS, the information is stored using the Apple designed Keychain where all sensitive information is stored. The Keychain uses highly secure algorithms to encrypt the data.

Account information is encrypted and stored using vendor recommended secure storage, such as the iOS Keychain. In addition to the OS specific tools, PrinterOn additionally encrypts information prior to saving within the OS secure encrypted services, providing two levels of encryption.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.