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What are the common ports that PrinterOn uses? - c06242638

PrinterOn Component Port Configuration
PrintWhere Driver 443 (default), 631 (optional)
Print Delivery Gateway (PDG) 631 (default) using IPP protocol
PrintAnywhere Server (PAS) 443/631 (default)
5200,5400 for internal clustering*
Print Delivery Hub (PDH) 443/631 (default)
Print Delivery Station (PDS) 443/631 (default)
Central Print Services (CPS) 443 (default)

*This is not externally accessible by any client application. This is to listen only to internal components like CPS. Applies only to private cloud deployments.

PrinterOn uses the latest versions of TLS for communications and can implement virtually any certificate management scheme the end customer desires.


Applies to PrinterOn Enerprise 3.x and later.