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What are the minimum and maximum values which can be entered in some PrinterOn Configuration Manager settings? - c06564614

  1. Printer > Finishing Option > Max printed size (KB)
    - Max Printed Size should not exceed the Maximum File Size set on the Processing Server Settings of PAS. Maximum File Size is 1 GB by default.
  2. Home > Job Management > Job Size Limit (MB)
    - This is a limit of 100 MB, a limitation of Tomcat.
  3. Home > Job Management > Pending Release Job > Expiry( Hours) (Print Delivery Station) .
    - Limit is 168 hours( 7 days), minimum is 1 hour
  4. Workflows > Min. Attachment File Size (bytes) On PDS.
    - This setting is only to set a minimum, there is no maximum value here. This field is intended to ignore small HTM/HTML attachments.
    - You might notice when someone sends an email from an iOS device you get small text attachments which are blank. This is intended to ignore those, so nothing much higher than the 50 byte minimum should be set here or you might miss out on real attachments. This value is not generally adjusted by customers.
  5. Print Delivery Station (PDS) > Print Processing > Advanced job Handling > Retry Failed Job Attempts .
    - Minimum is 1, maximum is 100
  6. Print Delivery Station( PDS) > Print Processing > Advanced job Handling > Purge Abandoned Job Interval .
    - This is the same setting from number 3: Limit is 168 hours( 7 days), minimum is 1 hour.
  7. Print Delivery Station( PDS) > Printers > Edit > Reprint Interval(Minutes) .
    - Minimum is 0(no reprint available), maximum is 60 minutes.
  8. SQL Configure > Amount of backups to keep (days).

- No known limit – the limit would be the disk space on the hard drive.