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What is Print Delivery Gateway (PDG)? - c06234242

The Print Delivery Gateway (PDG) software serves as a protocol gateway to the PrinterOn Enterprise services, allowing the PrinterOn service to support additional print protocols such as native iOS printing ( AirPrint ® ), Google Cloud Print and Windows printing. It acts as a bridge supporting multiple print workflows using the native printing experience of each platform.

The Print Delivery Gateway uses industry standard IPP protocol for iOS print and XMPP protocol for Google Cloud Print. The Print Delivery Gateway may be installed on the local network to facilitate traditional Windows print. In this scenario, the Print Delivery Gateway uses standard Windows APIs to collect print jobs, and then establishes a secure connection from the local network to the PrinterOn services over TLS.

PDG secured communications for receiving client print jobs are over TLS and by default on ports 631 for native iOS Print and 5222 for Google Cloud Print. This is configurable.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 2.x and later.