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What is Secure Release Anywhere™ - PrinterOn Pull Printing? - c06234267

PrinterOn supports pull printing through the Secure Release Anywhere™ feature. Pull printing simplifies printing for users. Rather than requiring users to know the physical location of the specific printer they print to, users simply print. They then go to the nearest printer, enter their credentials or release code, and pull the job to that location to be printed. PrinterOn’s Secure Release Anywhere supports a variety of printers, MFPs, and release stations, and can be configured to work with built-in browsers, keypads, or with a PrinterOn’s PrintValet™ connected to single function printers.

PrinterOn’s Secure Release Anywhere provides the same level of security as non-pull print delivery flows yet provides the flexibility to release a print job anywhere. Administrators can choose from various options to customize their pull print experience. In all cases, data retention options are provided to determine how un-released data should be managed. In most configurations, jobs that are not released after 72 hours will be purged automatically from the central server. This setting is configurable.

There are two primary configurations for Secure Release Anywhere, Central Store and Local Download. These options are configured for each release station individually to allow for different behavior depending on the type of facility and/or security profile of the facility and organization as a whole.

The Central Store configuration leaves all print jobs on the central PDH server. Jobs are not downloaded until the user requests to release the print job at the release station. This allows an administrator to centrally store and manage all jobs and reduce the number of print jobs and time a job is outside the central service.

The Local Download configuration allows jobs to be downloaded to a release station in advance of the user requesting to release their print jobs. This mode allows an administrator to determine which locations are eligible for this option. This mode is beneficial when performance and minimum time to release is paramount. In some scenarios, PDS may be deployed on-site to service a number of print devices. Configuration allows jobs to be pre-downloaded to the PDS location and then locally delivered to the printer at the time of release, reducing the time to print. In this mode, the administrator can configure both the time unreleased jobs are held centrally, as well as at the release station.

If the service is configured for Local Download, multiple copies of the print job are stored securely across the devices that are part of the pull group. If the job is printed from a device, the job will be purged from the local device. Optionally, the administrator can choose whether to delete the job from the central storage automatically after releasing the print job and also from all release stations after printing, or to allow the user to walk up to any device and print the job again.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later and PrinterOn Public.