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What is the maximum file size I can print through the PrinterOn Public solution? - c06242655

Several factors can limit the size of the file you can print, including constraints on the size of email attachments. However, the largest file size that PrinterOn public will accept is 50MB.

To change the maximum file size allowed to a particular printer use these steps:

  1. Login to the PrinterOn Public administration page.
  2. Select the appropriate printer from the list, then select the Optional Settings.
  3. Define the value in KB for the Max. printed size.
  4. Select Save to commit the change.
  5. Submit a document over the maximum printed size defined and confirm this is working as expected.


Applies to PrinterOn Public.

Keep in mind the file size is not the same as the data/spool size.

Spool size limit is 1GB.

Additionally the printed size of the document is different from the actual raw submitted size of the document.

This feature works to block only the printed size of the document (after the document has been submitted and is ready to be sent to the printer).