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What Microsoft Office (MS Office) licensing is needed to work with HP PrinterOn Enterprise and Enterprise Managed Cloud? - c06594821

HP PrinterOn Enterprise and Enterprise Managed Cloud will technically function with the relevant version of MS Office installed on the server (not client side). However, it is up to the customer to determine if the in-place Microsoft licensing for MS Office will cover the intended use case(s) for HP PrinterOn Enterprise. If the customer is unsure, they should contact their Microsoft account support team for that determination.

Options (if customer deems the existing MS Office licensing inadequate for the use case(s) for HP PrinterOn Enterprise):

  1. Procure additional Microsoft Office licensing to cover the use cases ( benefit: covers all relevant file types, downside: cost)
  2. Utilize the open source LibreOffice application instead (benefit: it works and there is no cost, downside: does not cover all files types that MS Office does)

As a comment, it is HP’s belief that the question of adequate MS Office licensing will be the same no matter the mobile printing solution BP chooses to use. It is not specific to HP PrinterOn Enterprise.