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Windows requires reboot in a loop - c06238171

The PrinterOn Software Installation Manager package is programmed to perform 3 registry checks to validate that it can install without errors.

The registry checks are for these locations:

" HKey-LocalMachine \\System\\ CurrentControlSet \\Control\\Session Manager" (1st Registry check gives the error message which is error code ''00:")

"HKEY-LocalMachine\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\WindowsUpdate\\Auto Update\\ RebootRequired "


These registry checks validate that there are no updates remaining to be applied to the system, check if there is a reboot required on the system, or if there are any programs in the process of completing the installations.

Steps to try towards completing the installation:


Modifying the registry can cause detrimental damages to your system, proceed with caution and only if you are comfortable making these system changes.

  1. Validate that all the Microsoft Windows updates have been applied.
    After the Windows updates have been applied, reboot the machine and check again if there are any other updates detected then try running the installation again.
  2. Validate that all system reboots have been completed to finalize any installations that may have been in progress.
    Try to reboot the machine at least twice to allow the machine time to clear up any applications lingering.
  3. If the issue is not resolved by completing the previous 2 steps, then move to the steps below:
    • Open up the registry on the machine (select the start button and type 'regedit' in the search box).
    • Right Click on Computer, then select 'Export'.
    • Provide a name and take note of where you save the file (this is a backup of the entire system registry).
    • Navigate to " HKey-LocalMachine \\System\\ CurrentControlSet \\Control\\Session Manager".
    • Right click on the key ' PendingFileRenameOperations ' and select Backup, save the file in the identified location.
    • Right click the key ' PendingFileRenameOperations ' and select delete.
    • Run the PSIM.exe file again, this should allow the installation to proceed successfully.


Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 3.x and later.