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How to change Details and Another Printer Buttons colour on the web submission page - c06403508

Using the steps below the administrator of the PrinterOn Enterprise solution can implement some changes to the buttons that appear on the web submission page; specifically the Another Printer and details buttons. In this example, we will change the button colour to a bright pink and change the button colour to black and a cursor hovers over it.

Before the Change:

After the Change:

Non-Hover View:

Hover View:

Steps to complete the change:

  1. Navigate to the default directory C:\Program Files (x 86)\ PrinterOn Corporation\Apache Tomcat\webapps\cps\ css
  2. Backup the custom.css file in a different location.
  3. Open custom.css and edit the code below.

Modify custom.css (the bolded items are the values that have been changed from default to reflect the above example changes)

. btn -default {

background- color : # FF33F 8 !important ;

border- color : #FF33F 8 !important ;

color : # ffffff !important ;


.btn -default:hover,.btn-default:focus,.btn-default:active,


border- color : # 000000 !important ;

background- color : # 000000 !important ;


Note: Applies to PrinterOn Enterprise 4.x.