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AirPrint Finishing Option Limitations - c07667840

Current Limitations

No paper size selection is offered. The default paper size on the PrinterOn virtual print queue is what will be used for all jobs. Therefore, the default paper size should be A4 or Letter. To enable A3/Legal printing, a dedicated Printeron virtual print queue can be created for that purpose, where the default paper size would be A3/Legal.

The default duplex configuration on the PrinterOn virtual print queue is only honoured the first time the printer is used. The duplex setting in iOS is "sticky" which means if the user manages this setting, it will always be set to the last used configuration.

The colour option is always enabled by default if colour printing has been enabled on the PrinterOn virtual print queue. Users need to manage this setting if they want to print in black and white. The colour setting in iOS is not "sticky" which means it will be reverted to colour for each new print submission.