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Best Practices for in place upgrades of PrinterOn Enterprise - c07722237

  1. Take a snapshot of the virtual machine hosting the PrinterOn Enterprise solution.
  2. Make a backup of the PrinterOn server configurations from the PrinterOn Configuration Manager (this is a manual process, write down the information or save screenshots).
  3. Make a backup of the Print Delivery Gateway properties file (located here by default: C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PDG\gateway). This step is not required if the Google Cloud Printing, PQMS Printing, Airprint or IPP printing is not used
  4. Make a backup of the Print Delivery Station properties file (located here by default: C:\ProgramData\PrinterOn Corporation\PONData\PDS\client).
  5. If using an alternate SQL DB, make a backup of the and files (located here by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\PrinterOn Corporation\Apache Tomcat\lib). Also ensure a backup of the remote DB is collected.
  6. If using the included SQL Express DB, make a backup of the SQL DB.
  7. Download the latest release of HP PrinterOn Enterprise.
  8. Complete any Windows Updates currently outstanding on the server.
  9. Run the installer to begin the in-place upgrade.
  10. Complete the installation then restart the machine.
  11. Once the machine has been restarted, validate that the latest release works as expected with sample print submissions using the workflows previously enabled.